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Have you ever dreamed to live in a Castle? And have you ever dreamed to live in a Castle in the heart of Tuscany?

Now you can rent a Castle!

In Pitigliano, the ancient capital of Maremma, in Tuscany, there is a place whithout time: the Boscaglia's Castle.

This castle was builded by the noble Giuseppe Ugo Boscaglia at the beginning of the XX Century on the ruins of ancient medieval walls. There is a private gate to the famous Orsini Park.

The Count Ugo Maria Novello is now the Landman. He decided to rent


It is always possible to rent the Castle.

If you want to spend an unforgettable period of your life in this castle, you can rent it: the castle is very close to Pitigliano downtown. The castle is not far from Saturnia Thermal center and from the wonderful and ancient city of Sovana.

In fact, it is possible to rent the first floor of the Castle where you can find four ancient bedrooms, a very old kitchen, one huge living room with a giant fireplace,one music room and two bathrooms.

Outside there is a magic garden with olive trees and the misterious and particular private access to the Orsini Park.














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